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    Fusing off-road prowess with the on-road refinement of a Lexus sedan, the new GX luxury SUV is designed to stand out wherever you choose to drive.

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    The beautiful wood ornamentation in the cabin, for example, is made using the same laser etching társkereső gmail with which Yamaha Music manufactures its finest grand pianos. No two pieces of real wood have exactly same pattern, so each element is utterly unique.

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    Exhilarating Performance Developed for effortless on-road performance, with incredible torque for off-road driving, the GX is fitted with a hand-tuned 4. For maximum SUV flexibility, a 6-speed automatic transmission provides fast linear acceleration, relaxed high-speed cruising and excellent heavy-duty power.

    Enabling an ultra-smooth drive, Artificial Intelligence-SHIFT control software meet cc assesses road conditions and driving style to proactively manage the shift pattern. Imaginative Technology The GX comes with an array of advanced technologies.

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    Multi-terrain Select automatically adjusts brake and accelerator settings according to the meet cc mode you select. For ruts and gullies, Crawl Control allows you to concentrate fully on steering, free of distracting pedal operations, while the Multi-Terrain Monitor provides a near ° view around the car, and now also displays the conditions underneath your GX.

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