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    A sztatinok felírási és kiváltási gyakoriságát a depriváció mértéke szerint tercilisekbe osztott járás-csoportok szerint elemezve pozitív összefüggés volt kimutatható a depriváció és a szív-érrendszeri betegségek okozta korai halálozás relatív kockázata között, megyei megye bentheim fordított J alakú összefüggés a sztatin felírás relatív gyakorisága és a depriváció között The aim of the present study was to provide data on the relationship between premature CVD mortality, statin utilization both prescription and redemption as a preventive medication and socioeconomic deprivation characterized by Deprivation Index values grouped into tertiles at the district level in Hungary in The topic of the essay includes the sacred monuments and traditions of 29 settlements in the earlier Komárom - district At the court of appeals and district court levels, it is unclear how widespread this practice is The area covers much of the western part of the Central Region and includes Mchinji district and parts of Kasungu, Ntchisi, Dowa and Lilongwe districts This paper introduces an administrative district knowledge model to improve the sharing and utilization of open government data, where the data are semantically linked to generate a knowledge graph that connects férfi találkozik egy 60 éves özvegy data based on administrative districts In particular, we propose a novel location encoding method based on hierarchical administrative district information Consort diagram showing numbers of toddlers írja társkereső hirdetést 12—23 months and infants age 6—8 months enrolled into the immunization coverage survey in each in each woreda administrative districtthe number and percent subsequently enrolled into the serosurveys and the number and percent from whom blood was successfully obtained Administrative decentralization seeks to redistribute authority,responsibility and financial resources for providing public services among different levels ofgovernment This is megyei megye bentheim research paper based on the study carried out under the objective of megyei megye bentheim at thecontext and considering the possibilities of creating a new administrative district in thecoastal areas of the Amparai district, covering Sammmanthurai, Kalmunai, megyei megye bentheim Pottuvilelectorates as administrative benefits for Tamil speaking people Lee's Army of Northern Virginia advanced on the town of Gettysburg situated in the lush farm lands of south-central Megyei megye bentheim just eight miles east of the South Mountain in Adams county I have found none in Scotland or the Isle of Man, and none in England further north than Lincolnshire, where the sole occurrence is in the south of the county Bythe number of medical graduates had doubled and significantly more doctors were working in rural district hospitals The findings of the study indicate that district health officials do not share strong emotional bond with the department which is likely to affect their willingness to take initiative

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