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Ezek az EJU-sok: Germany counter-attacks in Ardennes The Germans have mounted a series of counter-attacks on the Western front allowing them to re-cross the borders of Luxembourg and Belgium. On the second day of what now appears to be a full-scale counter-offensive, the Germans are attacking with tanks and aircraft along a mile front guarded by American forces in the Ardennes region.

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The main thrust has been launched from the northern Ardennes near the town of Monschau. Two further attacks have taken place further south.

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German singles monschau have been dropped behind Allied lines. Singles monschau army reports say some of them have been singles monschau up", others are still at large. Khaki uniforms do not blend well with the white snow, we were very vulnerable People's War memories ť Reports from the US 9th Army, attacking a line to the north of the Ardennes region, say the German Luftwaffe also launched a concerted bombing campaign in support of its ground forces.

The United States Air Force claims to have shot down 97 Luftwaffe planes overnight, and 31 of their own aircraft were lost. According to the reports, the Luftwaffe put up "what was probably its greatest tactical air effort since D-Day". German aircraft appeared in force over the western front. More than German planes were deployed in the Bonn and Cologne areas last night and a similar number have been singles monschau again during the day.

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Initial reports say 62 armoured vehicles, tanks and horse-drawn wagons were put out of action. They singles monschau the recent failure of Egyetlen találkozón bayonne fighters to interfere with heavy bombing attacks on the Reich in daylight now makes it clear they have been saving their resources for this concerted attack.

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One US officer told The Times newspaper: "The German pilots showed more aggressiveness than at any time in the last three months.

The message was broadcast on Friday 15 December the day before this latest offensive began.

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He said: "Soldiers of the western front, your great hour has struck. Strong attacking armies are advancing today against the Anglo-Americans.

I do not need to say any more to you, you all feel it strongly. Everything is at stake előzmény:.