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You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Before using this equipment, you must: - Read and understand all Instructions for Use. Check our Web site regularly to find the latest versions of these documents. This system was developed for bordeaux meeting ügynökség emergency bordeaux meeting ügynökség of a trained individual in a critical situation, when there are bordeaux meeting ügynökség other means of escape. We recommend that you perform a practice descent at least once a year, using your EXO system.

During this flörtöl pincérnő, you must be backed up by a separate belay system. Do not reuse your EXO after it has been used in an emergency situation.

Before using this equipment, you must: bordeaux meeting ügynökség Read and understand all instructions for use. Failure to heed any of these warnings may result in severe injury or death.

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This product must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or those placed under the direct and visual control of a competent and responsible person. You personally assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of our products in any manner whatsoever.

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If you are not able, or not in a position to assume this responsibility or to take this risk, do not use this equipment. Rope 11a Sewn termination anchor end11b Sewn termination on the braking side12 Stitching, 13 Heat-shrink cover for termination. Principal materials: Descender Aluminum alloy frame, handlestainless steel cam, rivets. Rope Aramid core and sheath.

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Storage bag Aramid. Before and after each mission 3A.

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Storage bag Visually inspect your bag. If it has been exposed to high temperatures, or if it shows signs of burns, tears, discoloration of the fabric due to soaking with water or chemical products, perform a complete system check.

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Metal descender Verify that the product has no cracks, deformation, marks, excessive wear, corrosion, etc. Verify that the cam and handle move freely and that the springs and the locking elements are working properly.

Verify there are no foreign objects sand, etc. Open the gate and bordeaux meeting ügynökség that it closes and locks itself automatically when released. The Keylock slot must not be blocked by any foreign matter bordeaux meeting ügynökség, pebble, etc.

Rope Visually inspect the entire length bordeaux meeting ügynökség the rope. Check it in 30 cm intervals, turning the rope to get a complete inspection. Verify there are no cuts, tears, cut or frayed threads, or burns. Check if the core is damaged or cut inside the sheath soft spots, breaks, loose strands.


Check the safety stitching on the sewn terminations. Be particularly careful to check for cut threads. If you have any doubt about the proper functioning of a system component, retire it. Make sure that all pieces of equipment in the system are correctly positioned with respect to each other.

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It is important to regularly monitor the condition of the product and its connections to the other equipment in the system. Do bordeaux meeting ügynökség allow anything to block the device cam or any of its components.

Connectors must always be used with the gate closed and locked. Verify that the rope is free of knots and that there are no loops around the descender. A rope that is poorly packed, or that has knots in it, can cause bordeaux meeting ügynökség consequences during descent. Folding and packing the rope in the bag This operation must be done by a trained and competent person, designated by your organization. Inspect the rope before packing the system.

The rope end connector must be located against the descender. Spread out the system in a clean, flat work area. Open the bag and place it on its back.

üzleti és ipari ingatlanok - generálkivitelezők és ügynökségek - Franciaország

Put the sewn termination on the braking side on the right side of the bag. Make five flat bights of the same width as the bag see drawing. Slide these bights into the bag. Repeat the operation until the rope is packed. Leave 20 cm of rope between the rope end connector and the descender, then close the rope divider flap. Packing the descender in the bag Place the descender on the rope divider flap descent handle facing downward against the rope. The rope is packed in the lower compartment.

Bordeaux meeting ügynökség end of the rope and its anchor connector come out of this compartment and are packed in the connector bordeaux meeting ügynökség.

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Close the upper flap with its Velcro. Any modifi cation is prohibited. This system must only be used with a seat harness or full-body harness that meets applicable standards. The use of a simple belt is prohibited. The use of the EXO 15 m with bag requires an extended attachment point see chapter 9. Use the evacuation system with gloves.

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The descender will heat up during descent and can cause burns. Working principle of the descender When you tension the system with your body weight, the rope coming taut makes the frame of the descender rotate on the connector and the cam pinches and brakes the rope. By holding the braking side of the rope, the brake hand helps engage the cam. To free bordeaux meeting ügynökség rope, pull the handle while holding the braking side of the rope. The rope must jam in the descender.

The descender must be able to function freely at all times: freedom of movement for the device and for the cam see chapter Make sure the gate is correctly closed and locked. Only a few examples are shown.

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You must know how to make an anchor. Anchor the rope bordeaux meeting ügynökség a solid fi xed anchor using the rope end connector 10 kn. WARNING, the rope end connector must not be loaded over an edge for example on a beambecause its strength will be reduced.

Horizontal movement Check that the rope is correctly anchored. Tension the system with your body weight.


Squeeze the descender s cam with the left hand to allow the rope to slide. Hold the braking side of the rope with your right hand.

Always keep your body weight on the rope. Do not allow any slack between the descender and the anchor. The descent can be interrupted. You must have acquired good refl exes during your training.

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Gradually pull on the handle with the left hand. Always hold the braking side of the rope with your right hand. The handle can assist in braking, but the rate of descent is controlled by varying the grip of the brake hand on the braking side of the rope. Detaching from the system When your descent is fi nished, verify that you have reached safety and detach the connector bordeaux meeting ügynökség your harness.

Anchors The anchor point for the system should preferably be located above the user s position and should meet the requirements of the EN standard minimum strength of 10 kn. Various - When using multiple pieces of equipment together, a dangerous situation can result if the safety function of one piece of equipment is affected by the safety function of another piece of equipment.

Training center Training units must be used exclusively for this purpose. Training units must bear a readily visible marking: Training-only EXO. Number of descents: descents or meters maximum.